My response for the last three or so terror attacks

In better days, a terrorist attack has meant launching a theme week in this blog. We've had one for cute animal vids, goodness, beauty etc. All those things that terrorists and their minions of all brands want to destroy. Lately, however, there have been several shocking attacks (pro tip: save a good shrink's contact info for the day when and if these things stop shocking you. This is NOT the new normal) and I've been busy sleeping, managing renovation of both of our bathrooms at once, sleeping, going through a series of medical examinations that are needed to find out why my circadian rhythm is a mess, sleeping, working for our family business etc. Did I already mention sleeping?

So I haven't really have had the time to work on fancy things like preparing theme weeks. And even though this blog has always been just a hobby and an outlet for my leftover thoughts, I've kind of felt bad about that. Because these days, many of us feel bad about the things going on in the world around us, and as an ethicist I should be out there resisting the general insanity instead of sleeping and avoiding humanity and playing with my rubber duck in my shiny new bathtub.

Since that's not really going to happen until my brain is fixed...or patched...whatever, I decided to resort to magic. Because I'm a Heathen and magic is what a heathen does when conventional solutions are used up. 

So, I'll resurrect a dead man for you and let him have once again 3.43 minutes of deep thought and happy sound reminiscent of times when the world was a little less insane. Check this out (this guy's life story is pretty inspiring as well) and be refreshed.

Now it's your turn. Go and use your magic. We all have it, no matter our creed (or lack of one), no matter whether or not we believe in it. We can and should use it to make the world a little better place and interrupt evil, even and especially when we feel we can't.

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