Project 333: The Fear of Getting Bored (Blog Tour post)

Courtney Carver, the founder of Project 333, has started a blog tour among Project 333 bloggers. This is my official blog tour post. I am currently doing Project 333 for summer. If you want to follow my journey, all my posts about Project 333 are under In English tag, as they are written in both Finnish and English.

"Project 333 sounds great, but I could never do it!" I think we all have heard that one. Maybe we have even thought so ourselves before we just took the plunge. I think that after Project 333 has been around for years and tried by thousands of people all over the world, it's safe to say that Project 333 suits for various climates, lifestyles and cultures. Very different people have done it and lived to tell the tale. Compulsive shoppers, working men, mothers of small children, people with active lifestyles and climates with 4 distinct seasons have done it. Project 333 can be modified to meet various challenges, while still remaining recognizable and meaningful. It takes only a little research (usually no farther than the archives of Project333 homepage) to find advice, solutions and experience about many issues that might feel challenging in the beginning. In fact, the only big problem that I have not yet seen discussed at length, is the fear of getting bored during the project. 

I think that fear of getting bored is real, and is keeping many people from participating. Therefore, it is worth addressing in detail. Now, everyone who has read the rules knows that nowhere does it say that in order to complete a 333 season successfully one must wear mostly black, or like classic style, or throw all fun things out of the wardrobe. However, it also goes without saying that there will probably be repeat outfits, and even more outfits that are almost identical. While a wardrobe of 333 can accommodate various occassions and weather conditions, there isn’t terribly many options for any given occassion. For instance, if I need to wear a blazer, it will be the grey one no matter what I might be inspired to wear. My other blazers can call my name all they want, but they will have to wait until October anyway. All because the grey blazer made it to my Project wardrobe, and none of the others did. 

Same goes for most other things. I know I will have something appropriate to wear in any reasonably foreseeable situation I might get into during the Project season. But I can't always be very creative, or choose the most perfect outfit possible, or select my outfit from among several great options. If I encounter a similar situation again, it's likely that I will have to repeat at least part of the outfit. Therefore, there is a risk that I might get bored. It has, however, occurred to me, that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing or something that should be avoided at all costs by using every items as creatively as possible. Getting bored can also be a positive signal.

Getting bored might indicate that dressing with less has become ridiculously easy. Getting dressed does not require nearly same amount of time and thought as it used to. Boredom could be the antithesis with ”my wardrobe is bulging and I still have nothing to wear"- sentiment. One simply isn’t accustomed to the ease yet. So getting bored might indicate that one has extra energy available, ready to be used for doing something completely different. The possibilities are many, once one realizes that her life now has room for something new.

Getting bored might indicate that getting dressed can no longer be regarded as a central tool for expressing one’s mood and taste. While Project 333 wardrobe has plenty of room for individual style, it doesn't have room for accommodating every sartorial impulse or flick of inspiration. Again, this could be seen positively as a sign that there is now more room for creativity in one's life. How about painting, or writing, or photography, or starting a craft project?  And don’t say that you are not a creative person. If you are the kind of person who likes beautiful clothes and sees getting dressed as a creative opportunity, you are. 

Last, but not least: getting bored during Project 333 is a temporary annoyance. The Project doesn’t ask us to dress with less for the rest of our lives, or even for the next ten years. The project lasts around 12-13 weeks, and it’s doubtful that anyone is bored to tears from beginning to end. We still get to wear our favorite things. No one is forcing anyone to choose a bad wardrobe. No one is going to tell you that five handbags are excess (if you choose to include five handbags, you still have 28 slots left in your wardrobe), or forcing you to stick with just two colors. Boredom is also sort of a small annoyance, far from discomforts that come from having a truly inadequate amount of clothes. Project 333 offers one a chance to learn new lessons, a way to calm down a portion of one’s daily routine… If the worst thing that could happen is occassional boredom, isn’t it worth doing anyway?

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Dan N Jaye kirjoitti...

What an interesting insight!

Saara R kirjoitti...


loves2spin kirjoitti...

I enjoyed reading this - in English! One day I thought I would check out the project 333... so I went to my closet. When I realized how few things I actually have and wear (in comparison to some) I realized I don't need to worry about it. Here is a list of what I am using this time of year:j

3 dresses for Church
1 pair church shoes
1 pair crocs for outdoors at home
2 shawls
3 skirts for every day
5 tops for every day
1 pair of blue jeans
1 junky shirt to wear with the jeans when I'm going to get really dirty
2 necklaces
2 pair earrings
1 wedding ring
1 denim jacket
3 aprons

I am not counting my workout clothing, undergarments or socks. It is easy to use only a few items when the weather is nice and warm and I stay at home most of the time. If I worked outside the home, I think it would be more of a challenge.

When I was a young girl (I was born in 1949) I always wore a dress to school, and would change into "play" clothing when I got home. I would wear the same play clothing all week. We only took a bath on Saturday night, changing our underclothing every day, however. Things were certainly different back then!

Everyday Things kirjoitti...

This was a great insight as Jaye said, as it addreses that very universal fear of wardrobe boredom! good post!

Saara R kirjoitti...

loves2spin: I agree, lifestyle and climate affect a lot in wardrobe size. One size doesn't fit all.

Everyday Things: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

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